The Hardest Thing Is Startinga

The Hardest Thing Is Starting – Part I

Why do we backdown from our hopes, dreams, assignments and ambitions of doing the very thing(s) that God has placed in us AND called us to do? We are wonderfully & fearfully made AND created in His image. More, we were/are created to have relationship with God and out of that relationship produce work that honors Him and makes his name… 

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Michael Jordan Shoes

Why I Will Never Buy Michael Jordan Shoes

First off, I love Michael Jordan! He's considered one of the greatest if not the greatest professional basketball player of all time. One thing that most critics, opponents and spectators have agreed … Read More

Happy Father's Day - Growing up with Heathcliff Huxtable, Uncle Phil and Carl Winslow

Happy Father’s Day – Growing up with Heathcliff Huxtable, Uncle Phil and Carl Winslow

I grew up with Heathcliff Huxtable, Uncle Phil and Carl Winslow! They loved hard, worked hard, played hard and set the PACE hard. And might I add, they were all fathers and not just to their own. … Read More

You're Not Good Enough - Pursuit of Happyness

Who Said You’re Not Good Enough?

Over the years I've had the opportunity to connect, mentor and teach thousands of people about the power of dreaming, reaching their potential and being everything that God has created them to be. … Read More

Death and Taxes

Power Tripping on Death and Taxes

There are two things in this life that are certain. Death and Taxes. Well, that’s what most people say. I believe one is certain while the other is debatable. Everyone (rich, poor, man, woman, gay, … Read More