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Believe and Enforce – 10 Bible Verses About Faith

I absolutely love and advocate positive thinking teachers because they motivate and give strategies to overcome any obstacle in proximity to you. But, I believe there is one thing that trumps and is more powerful than positive thinking in an age where POSITIVE THINKING is KING, and that’s the Word of God.… KEEP READING

Nintendos, Ninja Turtles and Marbles

Nintendos, Ninja Turtles and Marbles

Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s the only thing a kid needed was a Nintendo (NES), Ninja Turtles, Marbles and possibly a few other things. Moreover, if you didn’t own any of these things or something else of value you knew someone who did.… KEEP READING

6 Qualities Every Entrepreneur Needs

In elementary, jr. high and high-school I learned that school was all about getting good grades, giving it your best and behavioral modifications that would help a person be presentable and likable to teachers and peers and also keep them out of trouble.… KEEP READING

Practicing Your Dream

The definition of insanity is when someone continues to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I’ve found out in my short life that many people have dreams of being this or that or achieving this or that but will ultimately never realize their goals because they will not practice at making their dreams a reality.… KEEP READING

Chinua Achebe Quotes

4 GREAT Chinua Achebe Quotes


Yes Humans.

We have a tendency to of getting caught up in the affairs of life and losing our way from time to time. And to make life stickier it can have a number of paths, streets, directions and voices pulling at the fibers of your soul all while vying and luring our hearts into dark places.… KEEP READING

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