Michael Jordan

The Billionaire Dollar Question: What Makes Michael Jordan So Much Different Than You?

CNN recently reported that Michael Jordan hit billionaire status, becoming the only athlete with a net worth being equal to or exceeding a billion dollars. So what makes “His Airness” so different than you besides his wealth, accolades and inspiring millions in the process?… KEEP READING

Kevin Caldwell

Kevin Caldwell Fights for the Dreamer In You

Who’s fighting for you?

I’m honored to know someone who fights¬†for others… his name is Kevin Caldwell, my brother. When he was a youth pastor at a megachurch in Dallas, TX he reached out to me (myself being a youth pastor at another megachurch in the the area at the time)¬†and we began to build a great relationship.… KEEP READING

Ebony Combs

The Multi-Talented Entrepreneur – Ebony Combs

I had the pleasure to meet Ebony Combs last Summer through a mutual friend and my wife. Her story and passion for helping others goes beyond her inspiring Facebook posts and Twitter following. She’s sincere and authentic in every since of the “words” in real life.… KEEP READING

Recharging The Battery

Recharging the Battery

Well, it’s a bit late but Happy New Year anyway! I took the month of January off to recharge the battery and focus on my vision for my life, family and business. It is very difficult to walk in your full potential if you don’t escape life’s muck and dirtiness without recharging the battery every now and again.… KEEP READING

Faith in Action

Believe and Enforce – 10 Bible Verses About Faith

I absolutely love and advocate positive thinking teachers because they motivate and give strategies to overcome any obstacle in proximity to you. But, I believe there is one thing that trumps and is more powerful than positive thinking in an age where POSITIVE THINKING is KING, and that’s the Word of God.… KEEP READING

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