Five Tips To Help You Grow Your Brand and Business

Five Tips to Help You Brand Yourself and Grow Your Business

Businesses and people, whether they are big or small, often start out at the same place when it comes to growing their influence and getting recognized. The first and most important step is to establish their brand and to make themselves stand out from the competition.… KEEP READING

Selma March

Facing Your Selma – On The Edge of Revolution

Selma represents a shift in our thinking and a change in actions. No one ever got anywhere by doing nothing. When systems of bondage and injustice exist it is up to those living under and around those systems to step up to the plate and force change through meaningful action with all grace, humility and strength.… KEEP READING

Michael Jordan

The Billionaire Dollar Question: What Makes Michael Jordan So Much Different Than You?

CNN recently reported that Michael Jordan hit billionaire status, becoming the only athlete with a net worth being equal to or exceeding a billion dollars. So what makes “His Airness” so different than you besides his wealth, accolades and inspiring millions in the process?… KEEP READING

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