Jeremy Butler
Jeremy Butler

My Vision

I have a strong and personal desire to help people become everything that God has called them to be.

My Mission

My mission is to guide people toward their highest and best outcomes in Jesus Christ through proven life lessons and teaching God’s word.

My Purpose

My purpose is fortified by my relationship with God, enabling me to guide others toward a life of purpose and passion. Helping others to gain confidence IN CHRIST through purposeful solutions paves the way for attainable pursuit of what and whom they are meant to be.

Once a person realizes who God is and his purpose for their life, then they’ll begin to operate and function differently inwardly and outwardly. My commitment is to the growth and fulfillment of people’s purpose through directional teaching; webinars; instructive, downloadable content; videos; articles and events. I believe that God’s grace can enable men and women to fully become everything he wants us to be.

My rewards are multiplied from sharing God’s love and grace to all.

Master of Arts in Media and Communication: Dallas Theological Seminary, ’10
Bachelors of Science in Business Administration: Paul Quinn College, ’06
Associate of Applied Arts in Acting Performance: KD Studio, ’02

I love technology, good music, culture and most importantly Jesus.