Product of My Invisibility

In life sometimes you have to disappear in order to keep it together and give it your best.

“It all starts with a goal.” – Michael Phelps

The “Product of My Invisibility” is a concept that stands for preparing your heart and mind for launching into new opportunities after a long public, emotional and or mental absence.

A few things to consider:

  1. Create a list of To Do’s and take action
  2. Cut off Friends that don’t add value, you can’t take everyone with you!
  3. Consume practicality and selectivity not ignorance with minor things…
  4. Christ is the answer
  5. Calculate the cost and determine our direction
  6. Confusion is a result of not understanding…

Understand where you are and let this year, season and timing be the best yet! Walk down the road into purpose and destiny until your feet hurt.

I'm an Entrepreneur and Designer living in Dallas, TX. I love hip hop, good music, fashion, culture and most importantly Jesus. IG: @jeremyqbutler Facebook: @jeremyqbutler Twitter: @jeremyqbutler
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