God of the Desert

Let this sink in.

A good friend recently told me, “Sometimes the only way out is through”.

If God is God and he cannot lie, then he is God over everything. He never needs and will never need our help or assistance to be God. He doesn’t need reminder text messages, Evernote, memos, timers or alarm clocks. He’s not a part time lover nor does he take days off. He’s God when there is abundance and he’s God when there is scarcity. He’s God in the mansion and he’s God under the bridge. He’s God in the luxury car and he’s God on bus or bicycle. He’s God when there are thousands in the 401k and he’s God when there are pennies in your pocket.

We are very quick to thank God when we experience the blessings, prosperity, influence, positions with organizations and his favor in our lives, and rightfully so – we should thank him because he deserves our praise. But sometimes we are verrrrrrry slow to thank God in the midst of our lack and desert filled situations. I submit to you today a simple idea that has revolutionary consequences. If you catch this it will change the way you think, live and draw you into a closer relationship with the Lord.

He is God of the Desert

Many times we associate desert like situations with sin or the “plan” that God didn’t have for our lives, after all Scripture says that Jesus came to give us an abundant life. However, there are many instances in Scripture when desert like situations and surroundings had nothing to do with sin, moral decay, bad decision making or something produced by Satan.

Sometimes the “desert” is designed by the Lord who sees the ultimate plan for our lives. He knows where we are, what we need and how we need it in correlation (relationship) to our present circumstances and our future selves, work and impact for Him and his kingdom. Notice, the desert isn’t just for others, collectively – it’s meant to be experienced by us, individually.

Deserts are necessary

I have yet to find someone who loves deserts! No, I’m not talking about a geographical location or even a destination in Africa. A desert by definition is a dry, barren area of land, especially one covered with sand, that is characteristically desolate, waterless and without vegetation. And sometimes our lives and surroundings resemble a desert – they become dry, waterless and lifeless. More, sometimes the things that once brought life, enjoyment and fulfillment have evaporated and become callous. Deserts don’t hold punches or play favorites! They hit you where you are regardless of the color of your skin or bank account.

Deserts have a way of changing the landscape of our hearts, shaping our character and revealing our motives in ways that mountain top experiences can’t. The God of Scripture walked closely with those who experienced desert like situations:

  • Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert after being led there by the Holy Spirit before he launched his ministry in Matthew 4
  • Abraham had just finished worshipping God and went into the desert (Negev) in Egypt to seek help when a severe famine hit the Land God had promised him and his descendants in Genesis 12
  • The Children of Israel where lead into the desert by their leader Moses to experience God’s promise after being freed from Egyptian slavery that lasted 400 years in Exodus 12

Yet, God was with all of them.

Here are some things to think about

  • Deserts are tools that are meant to draw us closer to God
  • Deserts dont last forever
  • Deserts reveal what our hearts yearn for the most
  • Deserts dry up the excuses we have for not seeking God
  • Deserts can make us sensitive to God’s presence and move
  • Deserts allow us to experience God’s super natural provision
  • Deserts help us distinguish needs from wants
  • Deserts prepare us for what’s ahead

Therefore, be encouraged and know that the God who created you is walking with you through your desert. He’ll continue to remain faithful and so himself strong because he can’t neglect himself or his Word. I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to lead you into all truth, comfort and reveal himself to you in new ways. #peace

I'm an Entrepreneur and Designer living in Dallas, TX. I love hip hop, good music, fashion, culture and most importantly Jesus. IG: @jeremyqbutler Facebook: @jeremyqbutler Twitter: @jeremyqbutler
  • Fred McManus

    We all seek prosperity but the path there usually takes us through the desert for a period. Your roots will reach deeper into God’s word during the desert experience and the Lord will use that time make you stronger.

  • hma2015

    Great timing for me personally. Feeling a little beat down lately as I am going through a desert of sorts in my life. I think we all tend to go look for water rather than look for the One living water. So thank you Jeremy for reminding me of this today.

    • The honor is mine – I’m glad it ministered to you… and yes, now that you speak of the One with living water. That’s good.